The New Parang Series: Affordable Yet Impressive


Recently in the early of 2018, we’ve launched our newest Parang Series – Toba, Natuna, Toraja, Sima, and Mappa. And a week after, we’ve just realized how massive was the appreciation from the Brothers for these products, as the first batch products sold out in just a couple of days.

Those admirations from the Brothers bring us onto a further stage of recognition on understanding what You – the Brothers seeks for and really need from Brodo:

A Meaningful Reason For The True Gentleman To Live For



The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else.

A pair of Brodo shoes ain’t just gonna makes you look great, but also will help to release the “true gentleman” identity that buried deep beneath yourself all this time, making it clear for people to see how respectful you are actually


Unleashing Your Charisma

Do you ever wondering how to be trendy yet understated, masculine but not aggressive? That is you when you are walking in a pair of Brodo shoes, anywhere – anytime.


Show Yourself Some Self-Respect

Don’t be that guy that always thinking “no matter what you’re wearing” because it really matters to show yourself some self-respect. It is important to buy a product that is perfect for you while you can afford it. Because no matter what, yourself is your priceless investment in this life, and none fully respects the needs of you and every true gentleman like Brodo products.


Timeless Perfection

You probably always thinking about “did these products worth to spend your money on” every time you wanna buy something. That happens when you haven’t noticed about how worthy a leather shoe is, especially a high-quality one from highly demanded brand like Brodo. If you got it, you deserve to go further



this article is simply the

Reasons why True Gentleman chose Brodo